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Light as a Feather
Big and small, natural yet luxe, feathers are the ultimate texture that brings a fun twist to evening wear in the fall/ winter 2019-2020 fashion trends. Feathers were used all over or as accents this season, giving outfits that unique slow, light as air movement that is unique to this natural material.
The copious use of feathers did make us wonder whether this natural material is sourced without animal cruelty. Overzealous organizations like Peta would say feathers can never be ethical in fashion, but there certainly are humane farms selling molted (i.e. naturally shed) feathers to the fashion industry.
We cannot help ourselves, so we’re going to start with our very favorite: the deep purple-brown dress that closed off the Marc Jacobs show. The dress was entirely covered in feathers, with a cinched waist, V-neckline, big skirt, and mid-calf length.
Needless to say, it was so gorgeous it made us gag, but also brought up a bit of guilt about the amount of birds who lost their own feathers. It’s worth mentioning the other instances where Jacobs used feathers: a few more dresses, all-feather jackets, capes, oversized scarves, and as an embellishment to a number of other items.
At Toga and Roksanda, feathers were a complement, used at collars and along the sides to add wispiness to jackets and dresses. At Elie Saab, black feathers were a complement taken to the extreme, used as they were in copious amounts to decorate modern day pimp jackets.
What seemed to be feathers at J.W. Anderson was actually cleverly crafted fabric that was able to effectively mimic the movement and texture of the animal-sourced material. We would love to see other major labels examine their sourcing and be more transparent about where their feathers are coming from.
As for other brands who used feathers in their collections this season? We have Gucci, Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta, Richard Quinn, Erdem, Natasha Zinko, Ports 1961, and the list continues…
via: https://glowsly.com/

Pop feathers
For an assured sense of Hollywood’s golden era glamour, bright feathers are a tool to be used without reserve.
POP FEATHERS From left to right: Valentino, Saint Laurent par Anthony Vaccarello, Loewe
© Gorunway.com; via: www.vogue.fr



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